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PS printing machine series

HXPS-350 Intermittent Label Offset Press
◆ Pneumatic control the pressure of clutch, ink clutch fast and reliable, it can be adjusted up and down non- stop, fast and convenient.
◆ High strength cast iron base ensures high efficient printing.
◆ Rubber cylinder adopts three-point suspen-sion bearing, ensures the clutch pressure reliable and stable. Plate cylinder, press cylinder bearing all adopt tapered roller bearing, eliminate the beating due.
◆ High strength cast iron base ensures high efficient printing.
◆ Continuous alcohol lubrication system with auxiliary bridge roller ensures printing products colorful and clear.
◆ The machine adopts German Rexroth or Japan Yaskawa servo system, each unit has a separate servo motor, providing a guarantee for precise during high-speed running.
◆ As UV unit, cold stamping unit, film unit, rotary die cutting unit, stripping unit, cutting unit and delivery unit.
◆ Each unit is controlled by a separate motor; With static image monitoring system, horizontal and vertical overprinting can be achieved without stopping machine, greatly increase the printing quality and capacity.
◆Inputting printing length at the main control unit, each unit will reach to the preset position automatically, reduce the waste of time and materials.
Model HXPS-350
Max. Printing Width(mm) 350
Max. Printing Length(mm) 350
Min. Printing Length(mm) 175
Max. Web Width(mm) 360
Printing speed 50-180times/minute(Max.63m/minute)
Printing Units 2-7 colors
Max. Unwinding Diameter(mm) 600
Max. Rewinding Diameter(mm) 600
Power 3 phase 380V
Total Power 25KW(5-color roll to roll), excluding UV
Machine Dimension(mm) 8700*2700*1600
Machine Weight(kgs) 10500(5-color roll to roll)


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